Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Online Shopping lai lai lai~


No one can deny that as soon as you start a career, shopping for new clothes is at the back of your head. The only thing you could only thing about is paying bills on time, accomplishing your task at work, buying groceries and running errands. However, men and women do not have to fret anymore as with online shopping sites, you can enjoy shopping anywhere anytime. However, there are a few cautious steps that any individual should take account on. Make sure the online shopping site you are looking for is a credible one, google on reviews, search their facebook or other social platforms and make a judgement call. If you are convinced, start your online shopping experience immediately.

There are plenty of advantages when you shop online especially in today’s era. First, you do not have to go through the fuss of driving out in traffic and finding a parking spot. It is understood that sometimes you just want to leisurely relax at home and staying in. But with online shopping sites, you could enjoy feasting your eyes on the spectacular collections at the best affordable price. Grab your laptop and sit in the sofa for a whole day of shopping. Another great reason of online shopping is that you can peaceful take your time selecting the items you prefer. You will never have that back stabbing eye of the sales person tailing you around the shop.

Other than that, you do not have to drain your energy by surveying a lot of shops at once. With the internet, you can google all the brands available online and compare prices. This is because online stores offer a great deal of discounts which you could definitely enjoy. If you are wondering where to shop online at the best affordable price, check out ZALORA as they offer a wide range of fashion online items from various well-known brands.


Friday, 20 March 2015

scientist problem

when we were sitting together then suddenly miranda come and said--dalam nadanya yang sangat frust..

''how can i explain to my mum that i cant go home on monday cuz i need to seed my cells. they were just like leave that cell alone. its easter my dear!.. and they still doesnt understand it whenever i explain it to them. T_____________T''

Alex menyampuk ''Just say to them its like taking care a dog. hahaha. I used to explain to my mum about biology. and guess what. she surrender eventhough i havent start. LOL''

ada satu ketika masa tgh makan. masalah pelajar international ni biasa la kadang2 lupa nama dalam english. kwn aku yg kazakh tu tengah makan aku tanya la bnda apa ni?

"sebut sesuatu'' i was like--what is that. ''HAHAHA its in kazakh . i dont know what is this in english''

kambing betul. hahaha

rupanya benda tu radish. ttba dia kabo ''im eating horse radish peroxidase''--semua org burst out laughing dan dia menyambung ''im afraid that if i sit down with other people they wont understand me. hahahahahaha''

btw, we feel u broh.

the perk of being scientist-to-be.

Amin moga dipermudahkan.

kesejukan bumi eropah--masih tidak sampai spring laagi wlwpon pokok dah menumbuh. kadang hujan punya angin ni sejuk dia lain mcm ya allah. xsanggup aku. dan lagi satu subuh sini sangat bahaya laaaaaaa skrg dah pul 4pagi masuk subuh. pukul 6 dah cerah T_______T apalah dugaan.

menulis di sini pada hematku adalah lebih seronok dari buat assignmen js. HAHAHAHAHA. stress laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa susah teruk :/

btw org lain 3 minggu easter break dan kami hanya ada 2 hari. lol. please jgn amik kos aku. hahahahahaha