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Heartstring-korean drama(넌 내게 반했어 / Neon Naege Banhaesseo)

Hai guys..(dalam mood bahasa london..padan muka korang,,muahahha)-->just bear it guys with this kids..=.=''..ok...Now lets story mory about this new drama..about to come out 29/6/2011.(dem!.y so late..@~@)..can't wait to see the full episode..huhuuhu..I fall in llove with the teaser cute..^-^..kakkoii~~

It have 16 episodes (alahai...sikitnya)..

Prevously known as "Festival - Drama" and "You Fall for Me"

Lee Shin is a university student majoring in modern music. He is also the vocalist and guitarist of the band “The Stupid.” Shin is known for his good looks and strong passion for music, but in reality he is cold, lacks interest in anything unrelated to music and has neither dreams nor plans for the future. He initially likes Jung Yoon Soo, a dance professor at university, but this all changes when he meets Lee Kyu Won.

Lee Kyu Won is a bright and outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family and is majoring in traditional Korean instruments, especially the gayageum. Kyu Won’s grandfather, Lee Dong Gun, is one of the top 3 traditional musicians of his age and his biggest wish is to see his granddaughter become a traditional music prodigy.

Trying to live up to her grandfather’s expectations, Kyu Won immerses herself in training and becomes a university student who knows nothing outside of her studies. As her friends are fans of “The Stupid”, she was forced to go to the band’s concert with them. There she saw Lee Shin performing live, and is immediately captivated by him.

"You Fall for Me" is based on an Art University and is about those who run towards their dreams with sweat, tears and sweet love.

In the drama Park Sin-hye is a tough and lively girl as well as a gayageum (upcoming Korean zither with twelve strings) prodigy, Kyu-won. Jeong Yong-hwa is cold city guy and applied music and guitar prodigy Sin, who will be spreading out sweet love scenes with Park Sin-hye.

Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin
Park Shin Hye as Lee Kyu Won
Song Chang Ui as Kim Suk Hyun
So Yi Hyun as Jung Yoon Soo
Kang Min Hyuk as Yeo Joon
Woo Ri as Han Hee Joo
Lee Hyun Jin as Hyun Ki Young
Jang Seo Won as Yoon Soo Myung
Shin Goo as Lee Dong Gun
Sun Woo Jae Duk
Lee Il Hwa
Kim Sun Kyung

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p/s: I realllllyyyyy fall in love with this song already. And its meaning is so sweet..^^ it goes..(psst...and i even remember the lyrics-->in hangul ok..muahaha)

it is so short..~.~

**look at their face..**melting**

enjoy these teaserssss..:D


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ta sabar tunggu 29 neyh. weee ade minhyuk juga~~~~>_<.

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hiape name tajuk lagy nie ?

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wawa:tapi baru start kot..=.=..lmbat la nk dapat full nanti..aigoo~~
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