Monday, 13 June 2011

muka selebriti antarabangsa tanpa make-up

Is it only me or they still looks good without make up.(only few didn't).huhu...if i were to be in their place..fuh~~it will be worst than ever because I rarely wear make up..and i mean it!! and i know how is the person without make up would be..(looking into myself)..(only if I have any performance or dinner, i will wear that gurly stuff~~yucks..haha..xD.)..even my farewell dinner I didn't put make up..because pak cik bas keeps yelling that we are LATE..=.=''...even my selendang I didn't wear it properly..=.=''..thats the usage of natural beauty..miahahaha..(perasan seyh) no one wants to see me ..LOL..*rendam muka dalam air*....

dah2..cukup la speaking ulu klang (uk) tue..jom layan je muka merekah..oooyeaaaahhhh..

Molly Sims without makeup
molly sims
Madonna without makeup
Jessica Alba without makeup
jessica alba

Naomi Watts without makeup
naomi watts
Amanda Seyfried without makeup
amanda seyfried
Kate Winslet without makeup
kate winslet

Katie Holmes without makeup
katie holmes

Kristen Stewart without makeup
kristen stewart

p/s:sambil2 tu klik2 la nuff yg dok ada tu..hahaha..(puppy eyes)



kate winslet still cute..


cik bulan said...

ain:naomi agy cumell sbb muka kami iras2..wakakaka

Bui Idzra Ryn said...

suker tengok amanda..cantik

cik bulan said...

@bui:aah..natural beauty kan

Terbelog said...

kristen stewart je yg cantik

Shah URL said...

Still cute :)