Saturday, 7 September 2013

Migraine with aura

Who else with this disease?

Well frankly telling among my friends im the only one who is having this kind of disease. eheh. and the pain is unbearable. Even the doctors says that there are no cure for that. well, but at least we can prevent it right? although in certain conditions u were not be able to prevent it. =.=''

For example, in this article that i came across to read. well i find it very informative. there are certain conditions that trigger the aura which I myself doesnt know this. Which i only think it came out of nowhere. But it does being triggered by something. Especially those having migraine with aura. If u were having migraine dr wont be telling u what u should do to prevent that. they only gave u meds to 'kill' the pain. which i have tons of ponstan in my bedroom. =.=''.

Major things that you should emphasize are you must have enough sleep, dont bath with hot water in the morning and excercise also triggers the aura. Hypoxia also triggers the aura. Hypoxia is a condition whereby your body doesnt have enough oxygen. This condition can be seen in high altitude(on the mountain).

Well, this is the simplified version of this JURNAL. if you guys wanted to have a clearer understanding on this migrain with aura u might as well click on the link. :)

p/s: can i know who else have this? and what kind of conditions that when u do the aura starts coming/ will be appearing?

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Amilia Ami said...

I used to have migraine with aura, thats when I was in my secondary school. Tiada signal aura tu nak datang, hahaha cuma mula-2 rasa tak selesa pada bahagian mata, and berpeluh tak selesa rimas. Then....barulah aura tu makin dahsyat. Dulu, I didnt do anything sebab when I always pengsan. I still have migraine until now but not with aura. Cuma, I tak boleh dengar bunyi bising and tak boleh dalam susana yg sangat terang. Thts why when I kena, balik i terus terperap dalam bilik. No sounds. No light.

And if I tak tahan, I basahkan kepala.. sebab bila kita migraine suhu di kepala always meningkat tapi bukan demam. I've read an article saying that makan buah yang ber-juicy might helps.

cik bulan said...

@amilia: huuu bersyukurlah aura dah xde. tapi aura ni bgs jugak actually. bila dah dtg aura tu pandai2 la masuk dlm bilik gelap. hibernasi dan mengerang. Allahu. hanya penghidap ja tahu sakit camna kan? :)

Cikya said...

Hyppxia tu bukan sbb high altitude je. Macam vigorous activity, exercise boleh kekurang Oxygen jugak.
Can't help honey. Just I hope you will grown out of it. If that would ever happen. And take care of self. Keep hydrating masa ambik medicine yer Ulan sayang ;)